Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Lola....the best dog in the world

Hey there! I just thought this would be a perfect day to create a post about one of my favorite, most beloved animals of all time, LOLA. (Quite dramatic, huh?)

Back in 2009, one of my friends, who knew I wanted a pug, said he knew of this "rescue organization" that just found a litter of pugs in a trash can. (Looking back now though, they may have been a puppy mill, but I can't prove anything...but maybe they weren't...?) Anyways, he and I trucked the four-hour drive so I could go pick one out. I was so excited. This would be the 1st dog I'd have since my last dog was put down a few years before! So I couldn't wait to get my hands on another cute, little, snuggly pup.

When we got there, the front yard to this run-down house was muddy and nasty because of all the rain...but I didn't care! So, the puppies were all running around with the 5 dogs that actually lived there. They were all so cute, I could barely stand it! I picked them all up and played with them, but one in particular kept coming back to me. Guess who that would be?!?!

 Note: this is NOT my hand...haha

After filling out paperwork, choosing my pup, and paying the deposit, we left. I had to wait a few more weeks until I could adopt her. But that happy day came, and she was all mine! I was going to name her "Fang" like in Harry Potter, no matter if she was a boy or girl, but once I got her, she didn't really look like a Fang anymore. haha Not sure where the name "Lola" came from, but it fit.
This was her first night in her new cute, and little, and snuggly!
It's been loads of fun ever since, except the puppy stage, which included chewing on walls, potty training, and swallowing a straight-pin.

One day, I started researching pugs that had German Shepherd coloring, and there was actually a mix of the two, called Shugs. Someone purposely did this. What a brilliant idea that was!!! I love it! Her coloring is just like a GS, but she has the curly tail and bigger body version of the pug. Her nose isn't as smushed in either.


I put her in Puppy School at PetSmart...she did pretty well...but then she was everywhere, and even started messing with other pups in her class, wanting to play. haha

She is so smart and dumb at the same time. She's stubborn, playful, and gives me the most hilarious looks. You wouldn't believe how many different looks a dog can have!!! Sometimes, she gets this burst of energy, and darts through the house a thousand miles an hour...that is probably one of my most favorite things I've ever seen. My husband also likes to torment her and pretend to shoot her with his "finger-gun" or a spray bottle and it drives her insane. It's pretty funny though. She loves horses. She loves looking at them and hearing them. She even knows the word "horse" and runs straight to the tv after we say "horse" to see if one is on there.
She loves giving whisker kisses, especially on our faces, whether we want her to or not. When I get home from work, she sorta bites my hand softly and pulls me along side of her because she's so excited I'm home. She's pretty much the best dog in the world. I know everyone is a little biased when it comes to her own little pup. But Lola IS the best dog in the world. Hands down!  =)


I couldn't imagine life without her. She brings us all so much joy. My brother and dad always mess with me and tell me how ugly she is...but I know they don't mean it! If you're not a dog person, you probably can't understand what I feel for this furry creature! Maybe you're a cat person? Maybe you love horses? No matter what animal you love or have, they bring so much joy and studies have shown that they actually reduce I've read. Do you have an awesome pup, that you'd like to share? I'd love to see. Send me a picture here.


  1. She is the cutest! Funny story: there is a viral video about a pug named Loca that looks a lot like yours. It's the cutest video- you need to watch it!


    1. Ohmysoul Chelsea!!! That is hilarious!!! I may have cried a little! I love it also because I'm Irish!!! lol Thank you so much for sharing! I hope you're doing well! =)
      (p.s. Did you ever receive your bracelet? Hope you did! j/w) haha