Friday, February 28, 2014

Find Beauty Friday + A Letter From Ticky-Tac

Hey there! Happy Find Beauty Friday! If you took an awesome pic this week, you can go link up on Dear Harper and show off some beauty! This picture was taken last night on the way to a friend's house. (Yes, I was driving. Yes, I did stop the car. No, there wasn't any traffic!) She just had a beautiful baby girl (on Valentine's Day) and I was on my way to bring her and her hubs some dinner. And I just had to get this shot. This picture really doesn't do the sunset justice, but you get the idea!  =) 
No go linkup! Or if you don't have a pic to link, then just go visit Dear Harper and the other awesome blogs linked. You won't be sorry!
Now a word from my pup-pup Ticky Tac.  She has a few things she needs to say...

Hiya! I'm Ticky-Tac (obviously). My real name is Taffy, but it's sorta lame, so the landlords call me Ticky-Tac, or TicTac because I'm so petite and a tictac. Duh!

First of all, I just want to thank you for taking the time to read what I have to say. Being small, I don't usually get the chance to get a word in, mainly because the landlords talk so dang much.

Anyways, I'm just laying here all alone (except the other dogs) thinking how much I love belly rubs! I get them all of the time but I can't get enough! I fake-sneeze when the landlords stop rubbing my belly. In fact, I fake-sneeze about a lot of stuff. Like getting a treat. Or wanting on the bed. My legs are short so I need some assistance getting up that high, but the fake-sneeze...It totally works.

What I don't get, is the other dogs. They're kinda dumb. And ya know what? They trample over me all the time. When we go out to potty, they barge through me to see who can be the first one out. Rude. They chase each other outside...and yep, they trample me there too. I can't get any peace!!! All I want to do is potty and sniff stuff! What! You don't have enough space to run in this huge yard! Honestly! They have no common sense. 

I do, however, growl at the big fat one so she can't get on the couch. She tries and tries, but Nope! Ain't happen' bud! It's so funny to see her so persistent. Paws up. Paws down. Paws up. Paws down. You're not getting up here, Lola! You're too fat! *growl* Haha. Idiot. The landlords get annoyed when I do that, but I can't help it. Lola's fat. And that's what she gets for running over me all the time!

Speaking of the landlords...I used to be so fluffy. It was a pretty good look for me. See...

But I had to be groomed because my backend kept getting dirty if you know whatta mean. I like the new look. It's growing on me, especially since you can see my awesome, cute strut I have. And the haircut accentuates my cute, fluffy this...

Here I am, visiting the landlord at work. Nice carpet. haha Anyways, you see how majestic the tail looks. I'm a fan.

The tiny human seems to like it too though. It hurts a little when she yanks on it. But she's a good snuggler and hugs and pets me too, so I'm ok. The tail's still there, so I'm not too worried.

And I may have bad breath. The kind that makes the landlords gag a little....cracks me up. I breathe on them a lot on purpose, just to see their disgusted and puke-ish reactions. Well I think it's funny! 

So, just wanted to get some things off my cute, furry, and foxy chest. I hope you have a great day! And if you have dogs, give 'em an extra snuggle from yours truly. *muah*

Love, Ticky-Tac

Do you have any pets? Wonder what they think about!
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