Friday, June 13, 2014

Find Beauty Friday

Meet With a Smile

Hey there lovelies!! Thank heavens it's Friday. Although it's Friday the 13th, I am in no way superstitious! I don't believe in superstitions; however, my granny, God bless her soul, was highly-superstitious. One superstition of hers was saying "Bread and Butter" if you were walking with someone and, let's say, you and your friend walked on opposite sides of a stop sign or something like that. Well, in her mind, you were required to say "Bread and Butter." Now being a mischievous little child, I had fun with this. One time Granny took me and my bestie, Elisha, to the mall. We were 8 maybe. Bad idea Granny!  We would do our very best to walk on the opposite of anything from Granny. She said "Bread and Butter" about a million times. She eventually caught on! haha But I figure, from heaven, she's probably over it. 

Well having said that, by the time you read this, I will be tending to the hubs for today. He's having oral surgery to remove some wisdom teeth. So this should be fun! And by fun, I mean that with the highest sarcasm possible. You know what they say about men vs. women and sickness. 

Meet With a Smile

Wish me luck! 

Anyways, I'm linking up with Aimee from This Darling Day for Find Beauty Friday! #FBF This is me holding my dog's hand paw. Out of the 3, Sasha is the only one who tolerates me doing this. I just love dog paws. And I'm obviously an awesome dog-mom. Check it out here, here and here

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This Darling Day

Do you have any superstitions? And do you share any unique moments with your pets? Share below.


  1. What a cute story, nans are the best :)

  2. You pup looks so much like my moms doggy! So adorable!